This is Glommen Skog

Glommen Skog markets forestry products and works to promote the professional expertise of its members and of the forestry sector.

Financial considerations were the main incentive for establishing Glommen Skog over 100 years ago (1903). Forest owners wanted to improve their financial situation, thereby relieving a crisis in the sector, while at the same time promoting sales of their products. This is still a primary concern today.

Glommen Skog is an organization of forest owners.


Glommen’s purpose is to submit to the best possible profit on our owner’s properties by;

  • Offering the best possible price and marked for our owner’s products and competitive services.
  • Invest in a rational and profitably forestry industry.
  • Promote the best conditions for our owner’s right to administrate and develop their properties.
  • Let the owners take part in the value development of Glommen Skog’s capital.


Glommen Skog has always focused on the profitability of forestry. Glommen Skog provides all services demanded in the area of silviculture, logging and forestry counseling.

Industrial development and investment

Since the establishment industrial ownership and development has been one of the primary concerns. Investments in sawmills, paper- and wood processing industry has been essential for developing industries with solvency and processing capacity to cover our owner’s need of marketing conditions for their products. Today we are the main shareholder in Moelven Industries ASA. Our investment is based on the importance of developing a wood processing industry with a leading position towards defined markets.

Increased opportunities

The political, social and professional interests and needs of members are safeguarded.

You are the owner

The major difference between Glommen Skog and its competitors is that the owners themselves are Glommen Skog.

Secure and stable

Glommen Skog is a cooperation partner that makes long-term plans and offers security and stability.

The environment

Through its activities Glommen Skog wants to help its members practice sustainable forestry that makes active use of the forest’s potential as a renewable resource, protects biological diversity, and acknowledges the importance of forest areas in cultural, environmental and recreational activities.


  • Trading volume (timber) in 1000 m3: 1 990
  • Turnover in NOK millions: 1 100
  • Average delivery per supplier in m3: 804
  • Number of members: 3 600
  • Personnel: 71

Glommen Skog work within several areas in order to increase profitability in forestry and the lumber industry:

Timber quality

Producing timber that is tailored to the needs of the industry, and utilizing the natural qualities of timber in the production and sale of sawn timber.

Timber purchasing

Ensuring predictability in the purchasing and production of sawn timber.


Ensuring that IT technology and the capacity of the harvester and forwarder are optimally utilized.